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CATHILD wood drying technologies
By design, CATHILD kilns can be adapted to various energy sources:

  • Electric heating
  • Gas-fired boiler
  • Wood by-products boiler
  • No 2 fuel-oil (diesel) boiler
  • Dual energy, with solar energy
  • Heat pump – dehumidification
  • Others

    There is, however, a patented drying technology which is unique to CATHILD . We call it Moist Gas Thermal Transfer (MGTT).
  • MGTT is a direct gas firing method that heats the wood by direct contact with the flue gases from natural gas, propane or butane. Because these fuels are so clean-burning, CATHILD selected this energy source for its high-efficiency products. The drying wood is kept in a hot, moist atmosphere by the controlled addition of water vapor during combustion. This greatly improves the drying process by decreasing cycle time while preventing cracks, cementation and oxidation coloring, among others.
    CATHILD wood drying technologies

    Minimal investment: simple and easily installed. No need for a boiler or costly accessories. The lowest capital cost per volume of dried wood.

    Low maintenance: complies with the strictest safety standards. Reliable equipment. This system is so safe you may forget about it!
    Flexibility in capitalization: its adaptability makes it the ideal choice for modernization or revamping existing dry kilns.
    Economical process: near-100% efficiency. Very accurate control, no energy losses and shorter drying times. A heat-exchanger on the dampers can add up to 12% more savings. Very low unit cost (less than 1.1 kWh per liter, about 0.5 kWh per pound of evaporated water).

    You will find further technical references on CATHILD INDUSTRIE's website.

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