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Who is CATHILD ?

CATHILD throughout the world

    More than 250 industries in Canada & United States have selected CATHILD Inc. for the quality of its service and the efficiency of its products. We thank them all !

    Our customers cover a wide spectrum, including mouldings, furniture, poles, wood treatment and preparation, doors and windows, research and training institutes.
    Here are a few, grouped according to the following categories:

    Research and development

    At CATHILD, wood drying specialists work continuously with various organizations to refine the drying processes and schedules for coniferous, deciduous and exotic species. These organizations are teaching institutions (Commissions Scolaires Dolbeau and Mont-Laurier), colleges (Université Laval, Département de Foresterie Géomatique) and research institutes (Forintek, Canada's Wood Products Research Institute). Through this collaboration, we maintain our position at the leading edge of wood drying technology. Another cause for our technological leadership is the close cooperation that stems from the partnership CATHILD creates with its customers.

    This partnership is both the driving force behind the evolution of our products as they follow the market's needs, and the reason of our success, with 430 installations in Canada and USA.

CATHILD Inc. is a subsidiary of
CATHILD Industrie
975 Industrial Blvd. E.
(Quebec) Canada G6P 8Y2
Phone : (819) 752.3757
Fax : (819) 752.5648
email :

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