CATHILD INC - Séchoirs à bois , kiln dryers
Softwood dry kilns

This type of kiln is specifically designed for fast drying of softwood lumber.

Here are some of its main features:

  • reversible overhead fans (single, dual or variable) ;
  • all-aluminum chamber ;
  • alu-steel heating coils ;
  • stainless spray system ;
  • actuator-driven intake and exhaust dampers ;
  • heating and humidification control valves ;
  • easy, accurate control via CATHILD computer ;
  • front and rear doors ;
  • heat exchanger ;
  • Rail-carts loading ;
  • number of lumber load in deep according to requirements
         and species ;
  • CATHILD also manufactures fork-lift loaded kilns
         and Moveable Chambers kilns

  • You will find further technical references on CATHILD INDUSTRIE's website.

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