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CATHILD stands as a benchmark in wood drying worldwide. CATHILD dry kilns are designed by CATHILD INDUSTRIE, whose head office is in Mansigné (France), in the region of the Loire valley. Its products have been installed in Canada since 1984.

Since then, our kilns' reputation has brought on the creation of CATHILD Inc., a canadian chartered society. Based in Victoriaville, in the heart of the Bois-Francs region, its purpose is to ensure the availability of customer support and services, and to co-ordinate locally subcontracted goods and services (between 60% and 90%).

In 1994, two more sales and service centers are added, one near Boston and the other in Ontario, in the Burlington area. Today, CATHILD is the leader in Canada, with upwards of 430 installations.

CATHILD Inc. specializes in the design and sale of conventional dry kilns, whether stainless steel or aluminum.

It also represents the URAKEN brand since 1992 and SEMABOIS since 1995.

CATHILD INDUSTRIE is one the pioneers in conventional medium- and high-temperature wood drying.

It is also a technological leader, as evidenced by the patented Moveable Chamber kiln that significantly lessens the turnaround time for unloading and reloading a dry kiln. Another breakthrough is the unique MGTT (Moist Gas Thermal Transfer)drying system, the most spectacular progress of these last 15 years in the science of artificial drying.

CATHILD service: over 250 customers in Canada & USA

CATHILD throughout the world

CATHILD Inc. is a subsidiary of
CATHILD Industrie
975 Industrial Blvd. E.
(Quebec) Canada G6P 8Y2
Phone : (819) 752.3757
Fax : (819) 752.5648
email :

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