CATHILD INC - Séchoirs à bois , kiln dryers
The kiln's brains – the drying computer

Talk with your lumber!

With CATHILD, you can rest easy.

Our safe and easy-to-use kiln controllers are on the job, checking your precious wooden capital. Because they're adaptable, CATHILD controllers let you stay at the leading edge of technology.

Even many years down the road, you continue to benefit from the accumulated experience of hundreds of users.

Available models:
May be had in versions 01 to 32, depending on the application.
      CH 11 Z :

CH 11Z : the expert
  • can control up to 54 kilns simultaneously ;
  • accepts between 6 and 36 probes ;
  • the only computer on the market that offers true management of sensors in the stack ; the only one to compute drying speed, and to hasten or slow the process depending on the amount of extracted water

CH 12 PC : the Windower

CH 10X: the brainy one

CH 9X : the pioneer

CH 1x : the loner

You will find further technical references on CATHILD INDUSTRIE's website

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CATHILD Inc. is a subsidiary of
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