CATHILD INC - Séchoirs à bois , kiln dryers The Moveable Chamber: so simple, yet..

CATHILD offers dry kilns suitable for three types of loading :

  • By fork-lift
  • By rail-carts
  • Moveable Chamber

    The Moveable Chamber is a patented method based on this simple equation:

    Zero loading time = Increased productivity

    It can yield up to 20% more dried wood and 30% lower costs!

  • This type of kiln can handle any species and any load size. It makes optimum use of the available volume.
    Unit costs of dying are reduced because of savings made both on initial civil engineering costs and later, on handling time at every turnaround.

    This chamber, as designed by CATHILD, uses reversible overhead forced air circulation, with single-, dual- or variable speed fans. Built with a reinforced frame, it is self-propelled by a reliable propulsion system.
    Great care has been taken with the special lifting and lowering mechanism to minimize leaks.
    The chamber itself is protected because there is no loading activity inside the kiln. CATHILD's Moveable Chamber: ahead of the pack.

    You will find further technical references on CATHILD INDUSTRIE's website.

    MGTT flexibility and cost-effectiveness
    Softwood lumber dry kilns
    Hardwood dry kilns
    A brain for kilns

    Wagonnet = carriages

    Chariot élévateur = fork-lift

    CATHILD Inc. is a subsidiary of
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